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Align With Your Highest Truth

Empower Your Mind

Video #2
Empower Your Mind

Heal your heart

Video #3
Heal Your Heart

 5 Pillars to Your Ultimate Life

Living a New Paradigm of Success

Your Ultimate Life Series Video 3:

Heal Your Heart

Your Ultimate Life Series Video 3:

Heal Your Heart

Video #1

Align With Your Highest Truth

Empower Your Mind

Video #2

Empower Your Mind

Heal your heart

Video #3

Heal Your Heart

5 Pillars to Your Ultimate Life

Living a New Paradigm of Success

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It has been said that when the student is ready the teacher will arrive!!! I just listened to your first video on forgiveness. Last night I ended a strained relationship with my beautiful daughter. Letting go opened me up to you to step into the where and how to step into the healing of my love journey which is starting with forgiveness.
Thank you!!!

Beauty-Full. 🙂

This video is very touching. Words and feeling that give true forgiveness experience. And it shows that that part of consciousness is ever present, it just needs that much of open heart. Beautiful. Thank you. May the world heal one forgiveness at a time. Thanks for the efforts to share and help share, Debra and team yts2020.

Chandra, I’m so glad the video touched you. Your heart is already open to receive the blessings of forgiveness.

Debra, those stories bring me to tears EVERY time. This is such a powerful message and I can’t imagine a better messenger. Thank you for opening my heart yet again.

Anne, you are so welcome. The more open hearts we have on this planet, the faster we will see dramatic changes for the highest good.


Oh WOW Gemma! I am so, so touched by this. What a powerful experience of forgiveness you experienced with this exercise. I am so grateful for you taking the time to come share that with me here.

Thank you, I was shown someone who has shown up in this life and brought many challenges. He was the one who was shown I had to forgive. i saw myself ,in a past life, standing in the church, a lovely young bride, waiting for her groom to show. He never did. I was a shamed jilted young bride. In front of all my friends, family and community. Heartbroken and full of grief. I went into a convent and became depressed. Today i was shown I had sent out wishes for his death. My anger and hurt were without limit.… Read more »

Oh Patishe, what a beautiful thing to say. “Winning the lottery of love”. I’m so glad you were able to see the bigger picture. Thank you for sharing your experience.

What a truly magnificent way to open the door to real forgiveness. Lot of tears 😭
Thanks so much. Still feeling my heart ❤️ opening!!! Wow!!!
Jeanne 🍀🦋🌺

Thank you for sharing your heart opening experience Jeanne. It’s beautiful.

thank you Debra for this video about forgiveness. I think I hold on too much on the past for people who have been so demanding on me (teachers, father, classical music education) that I need to free up this energy to go on. It strikes me at this time.


Josée, yes, it’s time to free up that energy so that you can create the life you deserve, now, not someday way off in the future. Thank you for sharing your insights.

Wow Debra – those two stories blew my heart wide open! Thank you for helping me access a part of me that often goes unheard. Powerful beyond measure!!!

I’m deeply grateful that the message landed for you Judi. Thank you for sharing your heart opening here.

Hi Deb,

Thank you for this video, it was very powerful. I had someone to forgive and another to be forgiven by. I felt greatly unburdened by the exercise. Forgiveness is truly freeing.

Steve, you’re so right. Forgiveness is the fast track to freedom. Thank you for doing the work.

Absolutely wonderful videos. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.

Thank you very much, Debra!
I could finally see the persons I should forgive, including myself. At Last I felt released.
Love and gratitude ❤️🙏

How can it be right to forgive someone who commits on-going evil? I have forgiven people who were abusive, violent, and traumatizing to me. I was inspired by Gandhi’s words about being the change I wish to see in the world. I want to live in a forgiving world, so I took on being a forgiving person and I am profoundly grateful I did. When I see the evil Donald Trump commits, the ways he deliberately destroys people, has separated children and babies from their parents and is not held accountable, I do not believe I have the right to… Read more »

Lorrie, thank you for your question. Forgiveness does not mean that you condone someone’s behaviour. It’s a gift that you give yourself. Through forgiveness, you’re creating freedom for yourself so that the energetic tension no longer rules you and your own life on a subconscious level. The intention is to find peace for yourself. It’s also valuable to remember that everything happens for you and not to you. Your higher self is so powerful that it creates all the experiences in your life for you to expand through. Nothing that happens in your life is being your capacity to heal.

I don’t understand your last sentence ‘Nothing that happens in your life is being your capacity to heal’.

Thank you, Debra, for this beautiful experience. I was deeply touched by the woman at the TRC in South Africa who was pure love for the man who destroyed her family and who made him her new son. The exercise helped me to be able to think calmly of an oppressor from my past; for forty years, every time I thought of him, I winced, but now I need not carry that reaction any more. It is wonderful to be free of it.

Wow Maureen, thank you for sharing. I have goosebumps just reading this. I can only imagine how amazing you must feel after releasing something you have carried for forty years. Sending love.

Thank you Debra. Tears flowing during your amazing story of forgiveness and during time well spent this morning with my father who has passed on now. Forgiving him and forgiving me for holding on to this hurt. Learning more and more that everyone is doing their best from where they are including me. Love to you and so looking forward to the Yes To Success 10 week course. I have waited so long for this freedom that you will be teaching…freedom to be me….freedom to blossom and grow to serve this beautiful world we live in. I am ready. 😢Thank… Read more »

Hi Patti. Thank you for sharing your powerful experience of forgiveness. I am thrilled you will be joining us for the course. See you there. 🙂

Wow! I’m so humbled by your grace and empathy. What an impact your videos have been for me. The exercise on forgiveness was so powerful and as I pictured my brother in front of me, I opened my heart to let it go. It feels so good to be free! Thank you so very much for this. Your an Angel😇

Thank you Emilee! I am so glad you had a powerful experience of forgiveness during this video. <3

Thank you for this video and the forgiveness exercise. The story about the woman with grace was beautiful. The forgiveness exercise was very impactful on me. My father passed away in my 20s and before that, my childhood was pretty traumatic. I’ve tried to forgive and heal in different ways. And sometimes the exercises were effective. I can tell that this one really impacted me and helped release. I could see an image of my father as a kid and I just pictured us sitting together and having our arms around eachother. So both souls can let it go. Thank… Read more »

Thank you Dorothy! I appreciate you sharing. I am so glad this exercise helped you release and heal. Sending love.

Wow! I’m so humbled by your grace and empathy. What an impact your videos have been for me. The exercise on forgiveness was so powerful and as I pictured my brother in front of me, I opened my heart to let it go. It feels so good to be free! Thank you so very much for this. Your an Angel😇

Thank you, Debra, This video really touched my heart. In the beginning, you mention the woman down the street who’s life looked so perfect, but she killed herself. That was my family. I was that woman’s daughter. My quest for healing brought me to forgiveness and I received so much peace from it that I committed my life to helping others discover this powerful healing practice. I’m now a forgiveness counselor and I love what I do! The story about the woman in South Africa is extraordinary. May we all remember the life-changing grace that comes to us once we… Read more »

Ana, your story gave me goosebumps. What a powerful testament to the results of true forgiveness. It does seem like magic! I love that you have reconnected with your mom’s presence in Spirit. Thank you for sharing your experience here.

Thank you so much for this beautiful video. I do believe that it begins with me-my forgiveness of self, my love of self, which makes forgiving & loving others easier. Although, @ times I do have to STOP & REMEMBER, when something wants to shake my balance, to sing some words I wrote years ago, “I release & I let go, I step aside so I may know who I AM & let it flow with grace & ease…..”I actually step my left foot to the left followed by my right whether I ‘m sitting or standing & it works… Read more »

Hi Jo! Thank you for sharing your process. That is so fantastic! I appreciate you being here.

Much love and gratitude for your wisdom. I have thoroughly enjoyed all three of your videos and look forward to the next one.

Thank you for watching all 3 videos Vivian!

Debra, you are spot on!! My appreciation and gratitude and love flow to you. So many programs out there attempt to charge up our emotions without checking in with the heart first. It’s a hard climb or even an impossible one if you are stuck and weighted down with some pattern of fear, doubt and worry. 🙁 And that can be fixed quickly with success, right? It’s all about success!!! Get the lover! Get the great status! Get the big fancy house . . and . . and . . and . . !! You’ll become a happy whole human… Read more »

Sally, first, my apologies for it taking me so very long to respond to your very thoughtful sharing. Thank you so much for all of your kind words. Healing our hearts truly is some of the most important work we can do. And that’s right dear Sally, love is the answer. <3 Thank you for being here.

Does this exercise work to forgive oneself? Also, what if the person who one is trying to forgive still keeps doing the same bad deeds (intentional or not)? Is it time to let go of this person and still forgive them?

Thank you for doing what you do with such passion . I could listen to your guidance forever . So very touching and informative. I am almost 80 and shed tears for being hard on myself…thank you…
I will be doing the 48 hour exercise🙏

Prim, I’m so thrilled for you. 80 years young and still there’s an opportunity to learn and grow. Lots of love to you.

This story struck me to the core, and I found myself sobbing, deep, heart wrenching sobs. There were two people who I didn’t realize until now, for which I really held a deep anger and hurt. This was surprising because the one person I never knew personally so I believed he had no hold on me. The other I thought I had forgiven already, but apparently not. Both are deceased, but I sent them my forgiveness. Those sobs released decades of pain and sadness caused by them that I didn’t realize I had in me! My solar plexus hasn’t felt… Read more »

Reading this Camille sent chills from head to toe. What a powerful experience of forgiveness! Thank you so very much for sharing.

Hi. I also live in South Africa and deeply resonated with the story of the woman at the TRC. Thanks for your wonderful work.
I have a question. Will it be possible for me to watch a recording of your webinar, since it will be 3 am in the morning South African time when you are live.


Hi Elsa. The story of the woman at the TRC always touches me so deeply. As for the replay of the webinar…we will have it up on the site as quickly as possible once the live event ends. 🙂

I was struggling to think of someone who I needed to forgive for their transgressions against me – there were certainly moments in the past where I had been treated unfairly, and been punished when I wasn’t at fault. But none of these experiences measured up to my failings, where I have transgressed in my relations with others. I have for the most part been forgiven for most of my mistakes and selfish acts, but I have never truly forgiven myself. Thank you for providing this opportunity to do just that – I feel so much lighter and at one… Read more »

Hi Andrew. Forgiving ourselves is often so much harder than forgiving others that are in our life. That is so fantastic that going through this exercise allowed you to truly forgive yourself. Doesn’t that light feeling just feel fantastic? Thank you so much for sharing here.

What a gift! Thank you. Great video. Much appreciated.

Colette, you’re so welcome. Thank you for taking the time to watch and comment.

The person who came to me to forgive was Donald Trump! Wow! I didn’t realize that I carried so much resentment towards him. Although I totally disagree with how his mind works and what I perceive he is doing to our country, I now realize that a crisis can bring much needed change. He may be just what we needed to inspire humans to evolve.


The hard part for me is forgiving reoffending people. The past I can forgive. But how does someone find healing when the hurt is one going? A big one is how my father treats my mother. The other is how people, mostly my family treat me.

Sa, thank you for your comments and your question. When the energy of blame is still present, you will continue to attract situations and circumstances that vibrate at that same level. You’ll continue to experience things that give rise to the anger that’s already there. That’s why you want to take steps to find peace with the anger. When you’re able to let it go, you’ll notice a huge shift in the experiences that show up in your life.

My father came to mind, as did my ex husband. I have often been through thoughts of forgiving them as well as hoping they forgive me. As I thought about my Dad, I thought about my grandfather and how hurt my father had been, and how I believe he did love me, but passed on the hurt inflicted upon him. I have forgiven him, and realized that I may not be able to change the how I have been affected, but I hope that I can be the one to end the cycle. My father passed many years ago and… Read more »

Congratulations on breaking the ancestral cycle! Thank you for sharing your story. My dear friend John Newton will be doing ancestral clearing on the Yes-a-Thon so be sure to join us if you can.

The path to forgveness, especially to the most unforgivable is one of the most difficult challenges I have to overcome in my life. It took me a lot of personal and spiritual growth before liberating myself. Forgiveness to people who caused me harm and humiliation does not necessarily mean they deserved it, but it is because I deserved to be happy. It is a continuous process and it has empowered me by the amazing freedom that releasing and letting go provided me. The Power of Forgiveness liberated me to choose love instead of hurt and anger, which opened me up… Read more »

Hi Michaela, yes, forgiveness is so powerful and liberating. I am so glad that this video and the exercise reinforced the healing power of forgiveness for you. Thank you for being here.

Deb thanks for sharing that story about forgiveness. Only last week I referred to it amid all the unrest that was happening .
Much love and gratitude.

Yes Laara! Thank you for being here. <3

I have watched all 3 and the last one twice. They are all so moving and meaningful. Thank you, Debra.. I have heard you before but not like this. I feel so much happening within me. I really wish to hear your long message with friends. Blessings to you.

E.M. thank you for watching and for your kind words. I’m so grateful the message has landed for you.

Debra, thank you so much. The story is very emotional. I have been practicing forgiveness in the meditation in which a group of people I had not-finished relationship with gathered in a high frequency pyramid or a circle, I addressed my love, forgiveness and asking to forgive to each and all of them, then the violet flame cleansed our emotions and love was filling the space spreading to the top in the air. I thought all these has been resolved. But this time my deceased brother showed up again and I sent him a silver stream of light from my… Read more »

What beautiful healing! Thank you for sharing Nina! Blessings to you as well.

I was deeply moved by the story you read! In the exercise I was able to forgive many people who came to mind. I saw my own face before me and both forgave and asked forgiveness. My heart feels lighter. Thank you so much. May God continue to bless the work you do!

Hi Phyllis! That is so wonderful. Doesn’t the lightness feel so good? It’s such a great feeling! Thank you so much for sharing your experience with the exercise.

Thank you Debra the story South Africa 🇿🇦 really is moving special in this time . With black & white people
Forgiving my dessed mother for her action as I grow up one of the 8 kids. I know she tried her best.
Debra I saw you once in White Rock BC at John Newton conference .
You where the Securitate or organized the event .
Thanks again for powerful words .
Lots of love ❤️ Maggie

Lots of love to you as well Maggie.Thank you for being here.

The story you read moved me to tears!
Love and prayers to all of you ❤️🙏

Thank you for watching the video Reshma and sharing your experience.

Liberating to get rid of the pain in relationship with father . Thanks Debra.

How wonderful Bart. Many blessings to you and your father.

Hi Debra, This was a powerful video for me, as were the two others. I turned off the video for a long time because it started with my biological father and then men kept coming in whom I wanted to forgive and many of whom I to ask forgiveness from for anything I might have done to contribute to what happened. I honestly don’t know if I have totally forgiven all of them, but I know I want to. And I want to forgive myself, too. After the video started again, I realized that I needed to forgive someone else… Read more »

Sending love Deirdre! <3 Thank you for being here.

Once again, life changing. The only thing I would change would have been to include a warning at the beginning of the video that I should have a box of tissues nearby, lol. A lot of tears were shed but they were tears filled with love and gratitude. I thought it would be impossible for me to forgive my ex, The fourteen years I spent with him were the darkest, loneliest time of my life. But during the forgiveness exercise I saw him in front of me and I said, “I’m sorry. Please forgive me. I love you. Thank you.”… Read more »

Char, that was so incredibly moving. I have chills reading it. Thank you. And I will keep that in mind about adding the tissue warning. lol 😉

Thank You Debra. This series has been powerful and much appreciated!

Amber, I’m so happy that you found it useful.

I just found you. I have had chest pain for the past 50 years as I was unfaithful to my wife. She died about 30 years ago and we have 3 beautiful kids. I believe this is why I have been in a lot of emotional pain and hope to forgive myself as she forgave me along time ago. Fred

You’re so right Fred. Once you find the capacity to forgive yourself, you will find incredible freedom and love.

I have been very troubled about a situation involving not only an individual but a group that he influenced with distorted fear based data. In an attempt to gently redirect through more thorough support, I have come up against a “if you’re not for me you’re against me” approach. I can’t tell you how that hurts my heart. He did not intend that and that is why I can forgive.

I am deeply moved. I have forgiven my grandmom in my heart many times, I thought. This time forgiving her felt different. I felt my heart opening to let her memory in. I have known that the prisoner is me. I included myself as one I need to forgive. So this is how an open heart feels.
Thank you, Debra.

Hi Lydia! That is so incredibly touching. Thank you for being here and sharing your experience with the forgiveness exercise.

I weep so deeply over the hurt I’ve caused others and the possibility that my heartfelt regret heals their hearts. Thank you, Debra

Debra, thank you for the work you do and for providing this taste of open heart ❤️ living. I was moved to tears many times. Something that has not come to me for years of protecting the fragments of a broken heart. Tears that cleanse might be as powerful as tears of joy. I was saddened and surprised that I thought I had forgiven one particular person but in attempting to do the forgiveness exercise I realized a different person who holds me in the cage of hate. I have not attempted to forgive that other person yet but intend… Read more »

Hi Kelly. Thank you so much or openly sharing here. Continue to practice the forgiveness exercise and I look forward to seeing what unfolds for you.

Thank you, Debra. The person I forgave was in a dream of mine last night. We were friends like we used to be. I guess I had already forgiven them and just didn’t know it yet!

That is terrific Joseph! Thank you for sharing.

I wonder if it is possible to forgive an institution, or an establishment such as the medical establishment?

100% YES! I did work on an organization I belonged to and it was powerful. I got to the point that I’ve gone beyond neutrality to understanding!! I’m actually going to be offering my Yes to Success course live on line in a couple of weeks and I teach more techniques of forgiveness and letting go that work like magic!! I’m going to talk about the course at the free webinar this Tuesday. You’ll get info on it!!! Good luck Jennifer!! You go girl!!! xoxo

“I deserve the opportunity to forgive and so feel my own freedom.” I love that thought, Debra.

Thank you Debra. Many people came before me as I did the exercise, the stronger feeling was forgiving self for holding on for so long. Maybe there was thought, that I just couldn’t do it. Thank you thank you thank you. I will listen to the tape a few more times. And keep on healing.

Thank you for sharing this Marianne. Please feel free to come back and share more after you rewatch the video. <3 Wishing you the best!

Powerful presentation Debra this is owe sum. The prisoner is me

That was very liberating. Thank you again Debra.

You have freed me from a pain I’ve carried for years – thank you Debra.

Oh Grant! I am so touched to read your comment this morning. Thank you for being here!

Thank you so much Debra for the videos and exercises. I feel deeply that more than anything I long to live with an open heart and practice forgiveness, also for myself. In the exercise my ex husband came to my mind’s eye but I feel as much to forgive him I need to ask forgiveness from him.

I want to sign up for the full online course! I have already experienced powerful shifts!