Yes To Success with Debra Poneman

Video #1
Align With Your Highest Truth

Empower Your Mind

Video #2
Empower Your Mind

Heal your heart

Video #3
Heal Your Heart

 5 Pillars to Your Ultimate Life

Living a New Paradigm of Success

Your Ultimate Life Series Video 2:

Empower your Mind

Your Ultimate Life Series Video 2:

Empower Your Mind

Video #1

Align With Your Highest Truth

Empower Your Mind

Video #2

Empower Your Mind

Heal your heart

Video #3

Heal Your Heart

5 Pillars to Your Ultimate Life

Living a New Paradigm of Success

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Are you ready to live the profoundly joyful and truly successful life you were born to live?

A life that is not only abundant, but deeply meaningful and satisfying to your soul?

If your answer is a resounding YES, then join me for…

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I am giving up doubting myself.

I AM Giving Up Complaining.
I AM Giving Up Shaming.
I AM Giving Up Criticising.
I AM Giving Up Putting MySelf Down.
I AM Giving Up Putting Others Down.

SuccessFull-y Completed The Two Day Mental Diet. All-Ready Feeling The Results And I Will Be Minimising Criticism In Future!

It seems contradictory to this teaching to judge and define and then cancel a ‘negative’ thought. Critical thinking is a positive frequency and when it is fully engaged,it must use and examine shadow ,darker ideas.If I judge,”what is a positive and what is a negative” thought form,I will only impair my road to truth, knowledge and understanding,like cutting all the shadows from the sunshine,overediting the natural flow and balance of my natural thought dance… It seems to me , that judging thought forms in this way is a terribly limiting and ‘negative’ thing to do to yourself .

Your Consciousness Flows Where Your Focus Goes, And It Is Not Possible To Be Positive All The Time. Hence The Cancel. I MySelf Need To Restart The Two Days Because I Forgot To Cancel. Even With The Cancel, No Negativity Is Hard To Do For A Few Hours Let All-One Two Days! I Will Re-Do My I AM Giving Up … ” Etc.

I AM Giving Up Complaining.
I AM Giving Up Shaming.
I AM Giving Up Criticising.
I AM Giving Up Putting MySelf Down.
I AM Giving Up Putting Others Down.
I AM Giving Up Trying To Forcibly Wake People Up.
I AM Giving Up Swearing.

I don’t see how “waking” other people up ,which could be defined as educative work,could be said to be ‘negative’.Educating others is the highest vibration you can create.Maybe your use of “force” seems too intense for you or your student,which can be adjusted , so please don’t let that detail ever stop you from the beautiful work of helping to awaken others.We truly need people like you

God Point! I Don’t Force Any More. Releasing Past Programming.

Thank so much for this!! I needed the reminder of my power within. I am looking forward to the next 48 hours!!

Yes Jerilyn, you are powerful. I’m so glad the reminder landed for you.

How long with the videos be up? Thank you, Debra. I am looking forward to watching the 3rd, 4th and 5th videos.

Hi Wendy, thank you for your question. The videos will be available through June 25.

I have just now listened to the 2nd Video. Your passion is inspiring, Debra; it reminds me of my own that up until now doesn’t always get ‘air.’ I have started using the ‘cancel negative / replace w-positive.’ I am looking forward to the results 48 hrs from now. Actually, I don’t need to wait until 48 hours – I feel the good energy now; keeping it up will only strengthen this.

Wendy, thank you for that reflection. I love that you’re already noticing the good energy!

I am giving up complaining, judging, blaming others or myself, speaking ill of others OR MYSELF.

Sara, what an empowered commitment to yourself. You’ll find you have so much more energy as you reduce all of those behaviours in your life.

I hereby commit to participate in the 2 day mental diet and thus pledge to stop thinking and speaking negatively for the next 48 hours. This was something that I listed in the exercise from Video #1, which reinforces the need to do it now. I really like the “cancel” and “replace” technique that you described in Video #2. It makes it easier to follow the 2 day mental diet and consciously stay on track by actively canceling negative thoughts or statements and replacing them with their positive counterparts. Thank you very much for your works and God bless! 😀

Michael, I love how you summarized your learnings from the videos and shared your plan of action. Thank you for taking the challenge.

I commit the next 48hrs as a time of no negativity. I am in need of monitoring negative thoughts about myself and being critical of others. I choose to cancel those negative thoughts and replace them with positive words flowing from my mouth and the energy within.

Beautiful Kimberly! Those around you are really going to benefit from the 48 hours, and you will too!

I am committed to 48 hours of positivity. Thank you for your amazing energy. I can’t wait to feel the new amazing feelings. I so need this right now. I am so excited about the challenge of recognizing negative thoughts as they arise and consciously choosing to cancel them and replace them with positive abundant joyful ones. Thank you!

Reta, thank you for sharing your thoughts here and for joining the challenge. Our thoughts are so powerful and it’s worthwhile to change up old patterns that are no longer serving us.

Hi Debra, thanks wonderful presentations. I commit to the 48 hours mental diet. I had known it before but never had tried it. Today it has resonated in me , and I will do it. Thanks again for all your stories and tips. 😊😊 Johanna

Johanna, you are ready! I love that you notice the resonance with the exercise today and took action to go on the “diet”.

Patrishe Maxwell
I am giving up feeling sad, no longer feeling I lack anything, no longer complaining, or judging myself for procrastinating on fufilling my destiny. No longer seeing fault in anyone.. criticizing my hair,skin, weight or fitness levels.

Patrishe, yes! You can replace the self-judgment with focusing on what you have done, on what is working well and on what’s going right, because what you focus on expands.

Hi Debra, I did the Yes to Success course with you several years ago. I was looking to begin a career as a leadership and life course. During that course, when I did the exercise you just gave now, I heard…You will not do what I keep asking you to do. That ask was for me to write and Speak on the Book that had been given to me by the triple goddess. The Queen of heaven on top, Mary in the centre and the Crone at the earth level. The crone handed me a brown paper package and when… Read more »

Thank you for sharing where you’re at right now Patrishe. Yes! Take action on the book. There are people waiting to learn from you. Imagine them lining up and their hearts shining as they benefit from your teachings.

What a diet! I have tried many others over the years, so why not try on that demands NO NEGATIVITY of you?! I am going to follow it for 48 hours!

Terrific Anna! I can’t wait to hear how your diet goes!! 🙂

Powerful Debra! I commit to no negative thoughts or judgement towards myself and others for 48 hours +

Wonderful Judi! I witness your commitment and am holding space for you as you take the challenge.

I am committed to no complaining, no negativity, no blaming, no self-negativity for 48 hours.

Awesome! I’m sure you’ll notice a big difference as you reduce and eliminate those habits.

I’m committing that the next 48 hours be completely free of engagement with my negative thoughts! I think the most difficult will be not having negativity towards the Rep. administration, people abusing drugs, and those who despoil mother earth for power and financial gain. I am looking forward to the challenge of recognizing negative thoughts as they arise and consciously choosing to set them adrift and not to entertain them. Thank you so much for this information and opportunity; I feel better already!

Congratulations on your commitment Bill! Be sure to come back and share your results!

The 48 hours were extremely powerful. I slept much better than usual and realized that apparently I wasn’t having as many negative thoughts as I had believed. It is delightful to be able to cancel them.

Hi Maureen, thank you for coming back and sharing your experience. That is terrific you had better sleep, a great side effect of the “diet”. 🙂

Great video! I will share with many people. Thanks for making these available, however I can’t get #1 to play. Have tried many times…

Hi Edina. Thank you for sharing the videos. I am sorry you could not get Video #1 to play. Please reach out to my support team at

I commit to saying Cancel to all my negative thoughts as they come up. I commit to forgiveness and positive spins on all my negativity! Thanks!

Eli, thank you for watching and making this commitment. All negative thoughts have a positive counterpart and that’s where we want to focus our energy.

As a school girl a classmate of mine told me to keep positive thoughts and use positive words to help me get ahead in life. She was into holistic and spiritual matters at that time and I trusted her guidance. I did this as a young woman and received some wonderful experiences. My mother was frequently putting others and myself down when I wanted to rise above and do more than she ever did. She was scathing but this gave me the impetus to rise even further. It is through this that I found new role models whose energy helped… Read more »

Hi Penelope. Thank you for sharing. I hope the 48 hours were a success for you!

Forgot to mention that when I arrived at the end of this video and I decided to do the 48 hour positive actions, I looked at the time and it showed 11:11 (GMT). I am in Europe.

as I have to make an effort in writing, it felt i was thinking it rather than flowing form me…

Hi Success, thank you for your comment. Sometimes the Sitting for Guidance starts off feeling like thinking, and as you practice, you will notice a shift. You’ll get guidance and ideas that you just know your mind couldn’t have thought of all on its own. I encourage you to make it a daily practice and notice what happens over the next week.

I am choosing to be positive for the next 48 hours. I remember the “cancel, cancel” from mentors of the past. Grateful for the this opportunity, thank you.

Priscilla, what a beautiful name! Thank you for sharing your actions and intentions here and for tuning into the video.

I happily commit to no negative thoughts about anything or anyone, even while watching the news.
Thank you.

Fantastic Karen! How did your 48 hours go?

I submitted this above but am copying it here as an initial comment. Thanks. On This past Friday I was given notice that my healthcare practice of 33 1/2 years will be closing within 45 days. I have been given compensation but there is nothing that prepares one for the shock of loosing a livelihood and vocation like this. Although at times I am appropriately grieving, I am also grateful for this wonderful practice of concentrating on the positives. By focusing on the positive, I am able to see opportunities and have received amazing support from family and friends. We… Read more »

Oh Debra, thank you for sharing your experience here. You’re so right, the more you open up to receive all the feelings, the more you can be open to new possibilities and opportunities, along with the support. I love your deep gratitude and know that something amazing is on its way to you.

I am jumping in to this 48 hour no negative thoughts diet. Wish me luck and and I wish you all luck!

Dorothy, good luck! Let us know how it turned out for you.

I’m very happy to make the 48 hour commitment to have the awareness of all negative thoughts and words and to immediately take action to cancel them. Thank you so much for your videos! After watching them, I feel like starting a new chapter in my life.
Ana – from Brazil

Thank you Ana!

48 Hours. Challenge at first. Survived. Surprised at how easy it was after Day 1.

Hi Thom. That is awesome. The challenge definitely isn’t easy. I am so glad it went well for you. Woo-hoo! Thank you for coming back and sharing.

How can you feel negative when we compare ourselves to others in countries that are not so privileged. How can we feel upset when we can say: “I am so lucky to have freedom, to have a shelter, meals every day, enough money to cover my needs. I am so grateful to have a body that is working, a brain that can think, a heart that can feel. I am so joyful to have a family and friends I can give and receive love. I am so blessed to be in good health” If you can say even only half… Read more »

Beautifully spoken Danielle! Thank you for being here.

Deborah, thank you so much for this video! I felt so inspired by it & am excited to do the challenge. I commit to give up judging, complaining, blaming, & doubting fearful thoughts.
Yay, I’m in! Good luck to me & everyone else! 😊

Yay Kathleen!Good luck and please be sure to come back here and share your “diet” results. 🙂

I commit to canceling all negative thoughts and not uttering any negative words for the next 48 hours. Thank you, Debra, for giving yourself so completely in this video!

Maureen, thank you for receiving so fully!

I’m in for the 48 hours and hopefully beyond that. In January 2019, I ended up having emergency surgery because I was within hours of losing a kidney. I had an excellent medical team. The doctor lasered out 6 kidney stones made of solid uric acid. When I got the report of what they found when I came in, it included sepsis, E.coli in the blood, an irregular heartbeat, and blood pressure over 200. Since the surgery, I have gone from 213 lbs to 134 and am within 10 lbs of my goal weight. I could not lose weight before… Read more »

Hi Candace. Thank you for being here and sharing your story. And a BIG congrats on all of your progress. I look forward to hearing about your experience with the 48 hr diet, so please be sure to come back and tell me how it goes!

I commit to the 48 hour diet. I am excited about this!

Super Phyllis! Let us know how your 48 hour diet went.

Ok, I’m in. 48 hours, ending 4 pm Monday PDT. 😊

Harley, thank you for playing! How did it go?

I commit! I have been working on the aspect of me I call the “Judge” and it’s very, very challenging when that character is activated/on in my head! I commit to facing the negativity, bringing in the positive, while having my hand on my heart to practice compassion for myself so that I don’t start judging myself for judging! Thank you!

Hi Kerensa …oh yes, judging myself for judging – I know this very well, too. I join you with the same intention. Together it will be more fun! Best wishes from Germany!

I commit to no negativity for at least 48 hours

Awesome Michael! How did the 48 mental diet go?

Thank You Debra – After your 1st Video, I immediately took massive actions towards one of my Global goals – and today, I commit to my 7 day Diet of Pure Blissful Positive thoughts and words – as my daughter when she was 7 said, Dad when you fill your head with enough good thoughts, there’s no room left for bad ones – so bless you Debra, thanks so much for the reminder and enabling to commit in this public forum.

Hi Peter! That is fantastic and what a wise girl you have! I look forward to hearing how your commitment to your 7-day diet goes! Be sure to come back and share!

Great reminder, I’m in!!! I commit to no negativity, I’m from South Africa, looking forward to your story of the South African women that healed with love!!

This was a great reminder! I’m totally in! 48 hrs no negativity what so ever!

I commit to no negativity in thought or spoken words for 48 hours–especially about myself.

I commit…many thanks and much love.

at 74 years young I consider myself on the third phase of my earth journey…but I live in a condo with many seniors that seem to enjoy a good gossip and whatever goes with that…I have been accused of being “TOO POLYANNA” and always looking for the good news so most will not invite me for tea anymore…also my family has learned about the “cancel-clear ” policy when we speak together and in spite of their objection to the concept they have become respectful of this wonderful policy…I am an energy worker and I work with a pendulum…I knew it… Read more »

Hi Nadine. Thank you so much for sharing this. I love that this was “ice cream to your mind”. That is so fun! I am so glad you are here. <3

Thank you Debra! This message is perfect timing for me. I have been on the mental journey of clean hygiene for some time and can usually stay clear of negative thoughts. Recently with my goddaughters passing about 2 months ago I have noticed that it’s taking more work to stay positive. I am committed to releasing my mistrust of the Universe and I am open to feeling safe, supported and abundant with goodness that this life has to offer.

First Laurie, I am so sorry for your loss. Secondly, I am proud of your commitment. Thank you for being here!

I commit to the 48 hour diet, no complaining, no judging, no blaming or negativity, see you all on the flip side….
will keep trying with the writing…..

Awesome Susan! See you on the flip side. Can’t wait to see what unfolds for you!

I commit to to stop judging others and myself, to stop blaming others and myself, to stop worrying, to stop complaining about circumstances and to replace all negative thoughts to beautiful positive ones. I really love the warmth with which you deliver your words, Debra. Thank you so much. Much appreciated. xx

What if nothing comes???

Don’t worry Susan! This happens a lot. Here is what I’m recommending. Listen to the video again and when I ask everyone to start writing just start writing any thought that comes up. It might be “Old McDonald had a farm. This is so stupid. Debra doesn’t know what she’s talking about. I hate this….” and it might switch to, “Actually I love this. And what I really should be doing right now is writing that book I have talking about writing for the last decade and I need to call my cousin who I promised I would call and… Read more »

What happens if I hear nothing, or that nothing comes to me to write?

Thank you for your generosity and the inspiring messages. Much appreciated! Love x

I commit to all of it 100%! 💓🌸🌟🦋😊