Yes To Success with Debra Poneman

Video #1
Align With Your Highest Truth

Empower Your Mind

Video #2
Empower Your Mind

Heal your heart

Video #3
Heal Your Heart

 5 Pillars to Your Ultimate Life

Living a New Paradigm of Success

Your Ultimate Life Series Video 1:

Align With Your Highest Truth

Your Ultimate Life Series Video 1:

Align With Your Highest Truth

Video #1

Align With Your Highest Truth

Empower Your Mind

Video #2

Empower Your Mind

Heal your heart

Video #3

Heal Your Heart

5 Pillars to Your Ultimate Life

Living a New Paradigm of Success

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Are you ready to live the profoundly joyful and truly successful life you were born to live?

A life that is not only abundant, but deeply meaningful and satisfying to your soul?

If your answer is a resounding YES, then join me for…

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What’s your main Aha! from this video and how will it enhance your life?

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Follow your bliss!

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Amongst Many Others. 🙂

I hate, hate, hate and despise facebook and want nothing to do with it. How do I post without it? What I see on my list today are things I’ve written before, but never followed thru on. How do I change that pattern?

Sara, great question. A good place to start is to ask yourself why you want to do the things on your list. Get connected to what’s calling you to do those things. For example, if you want to get a certification, ask yourself, “Why do I want that certification?” and write down the answers. You might write things like, I want to get certified because I will feel confident, empowered and proud of myself. Then, feel those feelings BEFORE you take action. The more you can tune into the energy of what you’re seeking, the easier it will be to… Read more »

Hi Sara, I understand how you feel about Facebook. You can always post your comments here and we will see them. 🙂 I think we all find at some time or another we don’t follow through. Being aware of the pattern is the first step. Just keep working at it! Sending you love. <3

Wow! This is such a powerful practice. Among other things, I got: “You are my beloved child. Do you think I would have put you on earth — and especially now! — if you were not important? ust because you don’t see it does not mean that you are not having an impact. You are. You are bringing my light to the planet. That is a holy mission, a sacred mission, so much more important that moving up the corporate ladder. And you signed up for it, knowing that you might not be recognized in this world. You have such… Read more »

Anne, what beautiful and poignant guidance. Thank you for taking time to do the exercise and for sharing what came through. This message sounds like it’s applicable and valuable for many to hear and take to heart.

Dear Debra, Thank you so much for your inspiring and encouraging video. My higher truths are to follow and trust my heart. Let God in on more of my decisions. Don’t be afraid to invite other people in. Be me, but embrace others. God has given me all I need to do so. I just need to believe this fully, welcome life fully. My response is to become more “other oriented”. God knows I already care about people, I need to let them know more often in more specific ways.

Thank you for sharing your beautiful message Beth!

Thank you Debra for the inspiration. Thank you for encouraging to open up, for writing down my thoughts and for making a commitment to create, to write, to share, to tell, to speak to others and get support in honoring my ancestors. To speak of joy, wisdom, survival and the ability to keep going and leading with a positive attitude. I am looking forward to what is awaiting for me. Thank you once again. You are a talented story teller.

Thank you Anna!

Thank you Debra! Thank you for always inspiring me to trust in the quiet whispers of my heart!

Judi, those quiet whispers are the best way to tune into your intuition. I’m so happy to know that you can hear them.

Care for people and wildlife…share my experience through writing…spend more time in solitude…paint or craft….be Love in every interaction!

Jennifer, those instructions from spirit sound like beautiful ways to invest in yourself. I trust you will enjoy putting them into action!

Thank you!

Satyavrat, you are so welcome. Thank you for watching.

Stop. Take a breath. Expand. Radiate love. Take a breath. And write with joy, gratitude, peace, clarity, and wisdom. Relax.

Beautiful Susan! Thank you for sharing.

Thank you for this lecture and exercise – I found a few things puzzling, but here it is:
Be authentic, think more(this was surprising).
Build a higher level of my work.
Be in my body.
There is nothing in zero (Puzzling).
It’s not about that, it’s about BEING. More than just Doing.
Very hot, very real, very much
I’m not sure, but I think it’s GOOD.
Maybe it’s too soon no, it’s never too soon or too late.
It’s time for you/me to know to move forward in joy more & less, less & more.

Thank you for sharing Sharon!

After watching this video, a dear friend found it so compelling that she has decided to join me in doing Yes for Success 2020. Thank you, Debra! The video is such a gift even to those who are not doing the course.

Terrific Maureen! Welcome to the Yes to Success family..and your friend too. 🙂

Not sure yet what mine meant, but I’m sure in time will know
Words: green, love, water, angels and saw blue sky.

Hi Lil, keep practicing the exercise and more messages will be revealed to you.

create, build, make the world a better place, learn, share, forgive, build an electric airplane, help to revolutionize clean energy, find peace, mend bridges with a few people, expand my experience of reality, become more comfortable with who I am, bring a few close people into my life, reduce pain & suffering, become free from financial fear.

Thank you for sharing Alan!

Shine my light by just being me – the free spirited, carefree me I have always been. Have faith and courage to do this and, in turn, those I need to help heal and bring joy to will come forward to bring me purpose.

Tracey, I love the part about shining just by being you. Yes!

This is an awesome exercise! I have had the privilege of learning from Debra in her Yes to Success course and another course, and this exercise really influenced me in both professional and personal lives. It influenced me so much that I created a painting dedicated to and is called, “Sitting for Guidance “. It is a reminder to me to keep going in this practice. Sometimes it takes me places I didn’t know I needed to go, but the journey has been amazing! Thank you, Debra for sharing your light!

Camille, thank you for sharing about your painting. How stunningly exquisite. Thank you for being here and sharing your experiences.

My main “Aha!” from this video/inspired action:
I will deny my doubting predominance over my chosen belief by
1. acknowledging the doubting,
2. then waving it on (“hello”, “goodbye”).

My guidance is to speak my truth at work, which means standing up to a bully, and to ask for what I want, which is to work fewer hours in order to teach mindfulness in my community. I want to offer this practice as a way to build self-awareness, uncover unconscious bias, and help heal divides in our community.

Fantastic! Thank you for sharing Laura!

Thank you for this. Loved the intro and invocation. I received so much and found it very insightful. When I was reading it back each sentence began with I need, me and my. After I asked and wrote “Is there anything else?” The first written words were – You are precious – trust in Yourself and your voice… there was an inner dialogue and I am to be at peace. There is nothing to fear, my ancestors understand and champion my cause even now. This was all very comforting and have a long to do list but the repeated words… Read more »

Hi Krystal! I am so thrilled that you received so much from this video and exercise. Thank you for being here and sharing your message.

Get the things done that are burdening you so that you have room for new possibilities to unfold. They are on their way.

Karen, Yes! Clear out the old energies to make way for the new.

I need to do my mental hygiene. I need to practice appreciation and gratitude in writing daily, and also pay attention to when my inner monologue is negative and blaming. Also, my happiness lies in helping neighborhoods become bio-arks for the rebalancing of this planet, starting by growing flowers and ground covers all around me to sequester carbon and nitrogen.

Eli, developing that inner awareness is time well-spent. You’ll be growing flowers on the inside and the outside!

Thanks, that was lovely. And perfect timing as all this spare covid time with no work is allowing me to return to myself so this had already been starting to open up again. In amongst the fast inspired writings, and bits of advice, actions were things like: Let it flow, let it flow, keep flowing, keep doing it. Create, create, create! And help others create! It’s about going inside, into the stillness, slowing down, to also speed up! A life full of color! Yes, that’s why you need to paint and paint and paint! The colorful life is calling! The… Read more »

That is so beautiful Julianne! Thank you so much for sharing what you received through this exercise.

Allow yourself to be your ‘true’’being, relax into enjoying life – Do it with love and joy. Smile, breathe and meditate. Take your head out of the equation and use your intuition. When you live true to who you really are EVERYTHING WILL ALIGN. 🙏💓

Beautiful Mich. Thank you for sharing.

So this was interesting. The message that came through to me came as I wrote out the question. I wrote out “What do I meed to do to align with my highest trust?”. I was supposed to write “need” instead of “meed” and “truth” instead of “trust”. I believe “trust” was meant for me to read. I’m not sure if “meed” was significant. Thank you!

Dorothy, it sounds like the trust was divine guidance. If you feel like it was for you then it definitely is.

Debra, Thank you so much for making your wisdom available to me. There are so many ways to “come home”, and there are so many people wanting to find their way there. The path you have laid out before me is very compelling. Thanks! Love, Raven

Thank you Raven. I am so glad you are here.

I am committing myself to listening to myself more intently and expecting great things.

Candace, thank you for your comment. As you listen to yourself deeply, you can definitely expect great things to unfold.

My heart is full of love. I am open to this happy…inner power, inner source, inner growth happy heart. Endless flow, over the rainbow exhilarated in tune around and around

Ann, how beautiful. I especially love “over the rainbow exhilarated”! Thank you for taking the time to share.

Take time to write and allow us to use pen as our speaking unit, turn to us, we are your divine Invinite Self and higher guides, a network of many inner voices and wisdom speaking as one Heart, tap into individual streams to get to know your vastness and unique journey. Your voice is a a template for others to tune into, as you practice you create a pathway in a particular part of the quantum and leave signposts energetically for others to follow. We will show you what to do once you find a comfortable way with us. We… Read more »

I love it Nickie! Thank you for sharing.

Thank you for all the reminders in this video! I’ve got this! The message I received: Relax and relax more. Breathe. Hold peace. Hold love. You are Love. Hold that thought/feeling and breathe.

Do what feels good in my body, I manifest best through joy! Do what feels good inside, rather than what might look good outside 🙂


At first I thought there was no answer to my meditation assignment – just perhaps my own mind putting in some spiritual general love talk. At 77, I have knit my brows together from staring at my past life: in spite of good education, M.A., I have not been able to accomplish anything; my human relationships are a train of smoking ruins. To this landscape I received: “.Rejoice, be happy with yourself and love Who you are. And let that happiness rub off onto other people.” The next assignment being the 48 h diet of positive thinking – Was this… Read more »

Oh Marjatta, thank you so much for sharing your story. This is so beautiful and warms my heart to read it this morning. <3 Thank you for being here.

really enjoyed this. Thank you for sharing your wisdom.

I live in my car, so please put a button on the video page to do a sound only so I can listen on my m.p.3. player otherwise I might not be able t o hear all without downloading the sound alone, thanks

Hi Alan, I wanted to acknowledge your comment here. Our tech team is working on the best way to extract the audio from the video for you.

Hi Debra: I really enjoyed the video and have gone thru the exercise a few times but can’t say I’ve found a message. What am I doing wrong?

Hi Rose! I assure you that you are not doing anything wrong. Personally, I do this exercise almost every day after meditating. There are days that I get absolutely nothing and other days it comes in like a torrent! Keep trying and when you do feel the urge, even if you just start writing nonsense, keep going….it will eventually flow into great sense!! <3

Breathe, Meditate, Love yourself and everyone else around you, Love your neighbor, Love your marriage, Love your children, LOVE LOVE LOVE, respect yourself, be yourself, laugh, joke, dance, sing, joy, happiness., pray, PRAY!
Bible study!!!!!!!!!
Give God the Benefit of the Doubt.

Beautiful Kelli Jo! Thank you for sharing.


Hi Michael! The message does not have to come from God….the message can come from your own deep knowing….from a place where you have all your own answers but you never gave them an avenue to reveal themselves… Keep trying and when you do feel the urge, even if you just start writing nonsense, keep going….it will eventually flow into great sense!!

My purpose is to serve people by providing information that assists them in having a greater life.

Thank you so much for the connection! I got quite a specific download and I believe it was from Star People. Here it is below after organizing the notes: Be in harmony with your circumstance Star Children are speaking to me and say they have been waiting, welcome to our tribe! Do good work, work hard, try to help people Yes you will be rich and will be able to help people through your business gifts This was jumbled up but heart tells me the message is: There are seven things I need to do before I depart earth, no… Read more »

Wow! Mark, this is amazing. Personally I do this almost every day after my morning meditation. Some days not much comes through and some days it’s like a torrent! IT seems like you had the latter. 🙂 Thank you so much for sharing the messages you received.

Thank you Debra! I got the message to connect to my heart right before I begin working everyday; to reach there for inspiration and guidance, and allow myself to feel the degree of my alignment.

It was clear I am to believe I add value and I am to lead others. It’s okay for joy and laughter to return to my life. Through leading others and demonstrating the power of joy and laughter, abundance will be manifested and generations will be impacted with a powerful, positive legacy.

Some main words: believe, love, trust, discover, share, give, spread, wisdom, reach, help, magic.

What I received was basically, be in love with myself and my life and love will find me. Be loving what I’m doing, doing what looks fun, good, satisfying. Be fully present where I am.Being happy and loving what is here already is the key. Don’t look for him, expect him. Connect with him in spirit.

Most of what I wrote was not new to me, apart from two things: 1) Smile at someone every day. 2) Give a compliment to someone I think I am in love with.

Thank you Debra, for the video, align your highest truth, I got words: let go, heal blocks, practice, own space, connect, community, women, program, healing, laughing, stories, trust, freedom, travel and action. will continue to do the exercise and “give God the benefit of the doubt! Thankyou, thankyou, thankyou. many blessings.

To be the best lover of God and humanity, Be real, be passionate, be love.

My message was quite long, it involved moving to a peaceful place, being closer to nature and animals, writing creatively, giving help to others and being open to receiving. Also, accepting myself, my body and renewing my spirit, allow the divine spirit to heal me and guide me. Be open to opportunities and guidance. Find my truth and be brave. Accept abundance in all forms and be open and free!

Sheridan, what a beautiful message that you received. I truly appreciate you sharing it here. <3

Since retirement 3 years ago, I have been searching for my higher purpose. I have had to set this search aside to deal with a family member’s sudden death and another’s several health issues over the last 1.5 years. I’m now back for me! I recently opened an Etsy store that I had wanted to do since retiring. My focus, so far, has been on making cloth masks. My message today was to “sew with a purpose” and “to be a conduit.” I have been passionate about caring for the environment. The message I received today provided me with direction.… Read more »

P.S. I really appreciated the intro video relating to today’s new world. I was having thoughts such as “is this the right time.” Your intro clarified that very nicely for me.

Barbara, Thank you so much for sharing both your message and addressing today’s new world. It is such an interesting time and I truly believe these exercises are needed more than ever. <3 Thank you for being here.

Yoga, Meditate, Write- rinse, repeat- over and over.

un-stick…stop…let go…help…find help…I can’t do this alone anymore.