Yes To Success with Debra Poneman

Here is the information for the LIVE Event
Happening tonight and again on wednesday

The Five Pillars for Your Ultimate Life:
Success In Our New World

A Free 90-Minute Deep-Dive Training Webinar

with Master Success Teacher DEBRA PONEMAN

Please, Mark Your Calendars

Monday, June 22nd

8:30 PM EDT | 7:30 PM CDT | 6:30 PM MDT | 5:30 PM PDT

~~~ OR ~~~

Wednesday, June 24th

1 PM EDT | Noon PM CDT | 11 AM MDT | 10 AM PDT

 Here is your Zoom link to access both Monday and Wednesday’s Trainings:

And here is the link to the replay of Saturday’s event – Living a New Paradigm of Success:


In this training, Debra will share…

What the Ancient Mystical Texts say you need to do to overcome life’s biggest challenges

How to Tap Into the Universal flow of grace for effortless manifestation

How to know when to stay the course and when to let go and surrender

The story of a woman who left her career and trajectory to super stardom to follow her heart…and the mind-blowing result of having trust

How to live your life with the wind always at your back (yes, it’s possible)

Why it’s okay, and actually quite spiritual, to have wealth and success